BirdSong Phase I (Mysore)

BirdSong Phase I (Mysore) - Overview

RareEarth BirdSong is what we call an EcoVillage, with members that share ecological, social and spiritual values. Would you like to choose an alternative to centralized power, water and sewage systems? Do the breakdown of traditional forms of community and a wasteful consumerist lifestyles bother you? Would you like to change the trends of natural habitat destruction, urban sprawl and over-dependence on fossil fuels? If you said a heartfelt “Yes!” to all of the above, then an EcoVillage like BirdSong is ideal for you.

BirdSong Phase 1 offers 60 homes-sites across 6 acres, adjoining the water canal in close proximity to the Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary, just a short distance from the Bangalore-Mysore highway. Schools, colleges, leisure activities, shopping and hospitals are all a short distance away. The alternative lifestyle of an EcoVillage does not mean any compromises on amenities or connectivity – BirdSong is ideally placed close to the major road and rail networks that connect Bangalore and Mysore.

The BirdSong community recreates some of the culture and special community feeling of traditional small towns and villages, encouraging sustainable living. The design reflects the spontaneous planning of our village ethos, and the stress is on creating an ambience which is human in scale, while retaining the land’s character. Architecture is a blend of the vernacular and the contemporary, adapting appropriate materials and techniques. Through utilizing only a part of the maximum permissible building area, we reduced the footprint and material resources required. With less density, there is less burden on the land.

    BirdSong: At a Glance

  • Brought to you by BirdSong Eco-Development LLP, a joint venture with Jambhala Capital Pvt. Ltd. and RareEarth
  • Approved by the TCPA (Govt. of Karnataka).
  • Phase – I (6 acres) part of the larger development of 30 acres
  • 15-minute drive from Mysore
  • Excellent connectivity with a new airport in the offing
  • Flanked by a canal on three sides
  • Fertile land surrounded by paddy fields
  • A number of local and migratory birds sighted regularly