Mendelevium (Mysore)


You might think it an unusual name for our very first offering. Mendelevium (known to the world of chemistry as MD, element 101 in the periodic table) was the first element to be synthesized one atom-at-a-time. We saw parallels with our name, and the sense and science of our own journey immediately.

MUDA approved, RareEarth Mendelevium (Phase-I) is a sprawling 5-acre campus in a serene green neighbourhood of Yelwala, on Hunsur Road, Mysore. All our imperatives of protection and conservation are showcased, along with class-leading comfort, convenience and healthy lifestyle.

Living in this complex land, we often forget that our roots run deep through a civilization where sustainability was a way of life; where the environment was deeply respected and considered a powerful influence on one’s character. RareEarth has woven this awareness and memory into every detail of Mendelevium.

When we built Mendelevium, we also researched the surroundings in-depth – a primary quest for us, because we believe in selecting a natural premise into which our homes will blend.