Vedic Patashala (Bangalore)


RareEarth is proud to be associated with the first completely self-sustainable Ashram and Vedic Patashala (School) in India.

Using the age-old ‘Gurukul’ system of pedagogy, the ancient texts of the Vedas are systematically taught at this centre, preserving and propagating the value of this vast store of knowledge to present and future generations. With Sanskrit as the language of instruction, students are optionally taught English and Math; combined with Yoga, this mix is designed to enhance concentration and attain equanimity.

The campus design integrates with the above ideas, and sustainable ecologically aware methods are used in abundance. Building materials used include soil-stabilized blocks, Balipatnam bricks (solid and hollow), stone masonry, tiled roofing, natural stones and clay tile flooring and recycled wood. RareEarth has utilized biogas and solar-powered lighting, heating and air-circulators, along with setting up water recycling, solid waste management and vermin-composting.

In Phase-II of the project, a Home for the Aged and a Vedic University are underway.